Never before did ‘as nature intended’ include so much splendid.

Dragonfly Valley is a holiday destination that encompasses both luxury comforts and ecological awareness. Our dream is to create an environment where people come to have fun, immerse themselves into the opportunities that nature offers whilst being conscious of their footprint. Whether guests prefer to kayak down the Rio Zezere or take a moment of tranquillity to gather their thoughts they will be doing so in comfort but respectfully within the means of nature.

Our property is completely off grid. The water comes from our wells and the sun provides us with all the hot water and electricity we need. Our toilets are all compost or soak away. All our dwellings are set up to be as low impact as possible, some dwellings have access to gas cookers as it’s not advisable to use the BBQ during the hot season. There is no drinking water on site.

We are a growing family business and hope that in the coming years we will be able to feed ourselves and our guests from our own organic garden. In the meantime there is a local farmers market a 6km bike ride away where we purchase all our fresh produce.